Introducing QR2Z integration forms

How does it work?

  1. Signup and login at
  2. Configure your Brand Details.
  3. Create an Integration Form under Forms Tab.
  4. Use Form URL / QR code in your Marketing Materials as Call-To-Action to capture records in Salesforce.

Key Benefits

  1. Truly Hidden Fields – Hidden fields are NOT rendered in the FORM and kept secret on server level.
  2. Can be mapped to Custom Objects and Contact records. [This feature needs assistance at moment, UI is not planned yet.]
  3. Native CAPTCHA.
  4. Takes 5-10 minutes to get started for standard lead form.
  5. Your errors are looked upon regularly to keep improving the platform.
  6. No submission limits/volumes per form (Might change in future), just a flat yearly/monthly integration pricing per form.
  7. No need of Managing OR Hosting HTML code yourself.
  8. Branded Forms (Logo, friendlyURL and Social Links)
  9. In case of Integration failure due to any reasons, FORM end users are not blocked. Instead the submission is stored as an Error along with submission details (not suitable for file at moment) which can be further re-sent manually from control centre.

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