A technology architect with heavy experience in Salesforce ecosystem. I specialise in helping people navigate their technology implementations such that it translates to their brand values and character.

I help BRANDS with their technology stack.

Design . Implement . Improve

Value Proposition

Salesforce Expertise
I hold 9 certifications in Salesforce, including the coveted System Architect certification, demonstrating my in-depth knowledge of the platform.

Appexchange Partner
As a Salesforce Appexchange partner, I have 2 active listings, showcasing my ability to create and deliver valuable applications within the Salesforce ecosystem.

Integration Specialist
Whether it's through no-code, low-code, or traditional coding methods, I excel in creating seamless integrations to enhance business processes.

User-Centric Focus
My work is driven by a dedication to user experience and design excellence, ensuring that the end-users' needs are at the forefront of every project.

Product Design & Development
I have a wealth of experience in product design and development, helping businesses bring their visions to life.

Diverse Skill Set
In addition to my Salesforce expertise, I'm well-versed in handling non-Salesforce areas, including proficiency in Python, broadening my capabilities to meet a wide range of client needs.

My Solutions

Aggregate SOQL Card helps you communicate some important figures that are usually shared as a snapshot of queries executed in the developer console for business decision-making in real time as a managed lightning component.

QR2Z platform is built with an intention to deliver safe and simple QR code experiences to customers. Besides same QR2Z also offers Salesforce Integration Web Forms for brands.

This app provides simple global action to your employees to express their feelings anytime during work right away without any fear. This information can be used in various ways to improve productivity and life of your people at work and build a great company culture.

CSGO Headshot Counter Overlay: Windows CLI application

Empower streamers to showcase their daily headshots with this dedicated overlay. Designed for both streamers and viewers, it offers a sleek, professional look, making it easy for viewers to identify streamers and enjoy the best CSGO action.

Productivity tool to toggle all checkboxes (only non-disabled & readable once) on any page. This extension will help you Check OR Uncheck all checkbox fields on any webpage page using a single click to save you hours.


It's your first day of using Salesforce and don't know anything? Watch this out


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