Aggregate SOQL cards

Quick notes

  • Now you can embed Aggregate SOQL cards in Experience Cloud pages as well. Make use of {!recordId} to bind record context in Experience pages.
  • User interface improvement – Cards that convey a story need to have its own character and weight. I call it – HERO CARDS
  • Value will be refreshed every 30 seconds instead of 15 seconds to reduce excess server trips. In addition each card will clear its own interval on disconnected callbacks (More safe in easy language).
  • Now, you can also refresh and check latest value manually by clicking anywhere on the card (You won’t see much visual cue around this but this is more for those fast paced meetings which demands urgent and accurate info for making critical decisions)
  • Aggregate SOQL cards respect your Org’s security sharing settings however if you want to show summary around records which are owned by current user who is viewing the card – Use this checkbox: Filter By Owner
  • Not just Hex codes, but you can use any CSS compatible colour value for CARD background and Font/TEXT colours.
  • Now you can also use aggregate queries that return a Date type information.

Get aggregate SOQL card component here.