Einstein Copilot – The Generative AI offering from Salesforce

Einstein Copilot was announced as public BETA yesterday by Salesforce. This is an exciting development. I am going to touch some basic concepts around the offering, pricing and licensing details through this article.

What is Conversational AI?

Conversational AI is a machine intelligence which is consumed via a human like conversation experience like – chat/voice/video interaction. If you have ever used OpenAI’s ChatGPT tool its a good example of conversational AI.

What is Salesforce Copilot?

Salesforce had predictive AI capabilities in its Einstein AI offerings. With Copilot same Einstein can now talk and assist you like a human using its conversational AI capabilities.

What are prompts?

A simple chat input text that will generate an output in a conversational AI interaction. Its kind of a template instruction given to Copilot so that it generates responses as per your data and configuration.

What is included in Copilot?

Following are the important building blocks of Einstein Copilot:

  1. Einstein Copilot: The core generative AI chatbox.
  2. Einstein Copilot Studio: This is the main setup node that provides you with all possible Copilot settings.
  3. Prompt Builder: Prompt builder helps you build prompts using available LLM or Foundational Models. Here you can make use of grounding feature which introduces Salesforce DATA into prompts for generation of business specific responses.
  4. Copilot Actions: To trigger actions within your CRM instance using prompts. You get a library of pre-built copilot actions plus you can also create custom actions of following types:
    • Apex: To invoke an apex logic.
    • Flow: To invoke flow operation.
    • Template: To reuse other prompts as an action.
  5. Plan: Copilot dynamically generates a plan based on the intentions of a prompt that it detects using its own proprietary reasoning engine. This plans help copilot detect and pick the correct set & sequence of actions to perform against a user prompt.

You can manage actions, prompts and plans using the same Copilot Studio.

What is grounding?

A simple prompt will generate simple response based on the Foundational Model. We want to generate these responses with respect to your enterprise data (Salesforce + Data lake integrations i.e. Data Cloud). For same you can plug your CRM data into these prompt dynamically just like email template merge fields.

Is this secure?

Based on the marketing contents in the announcement, its clearly conveyed that:

  1. Salesforce MASKS the grounded data in backend such that it DOESN’T travel into Foundational/LLM Models.
  2. Salesforce has a strict ZERO retention agreement with available Foundational Models.
  3. Data grounded in prompts RESPECT the data permissions of the user in context.
  4. Copilot can be safely rolled out to specific users using a permission set.

Another consideration to look at is that: Copilot data resides in US and in English language at moment.

Sample use cases:

  1. Exploring business insights using conversational AI format.
  2. Generating data summary.
  3. Populating fields with help of AI assistant.
  4. Create quick email drafts with added personalisation and data intelligence.

While these use cases are pretty basic once, you can leverage this as an unique opportunity to add efficiency, utility and scale to your business and customer satisfaction journey.

How is Copilot licensed and priced?

Copilot Studio is available in Sales and Service Cloud via Einstein 1 license. This license includes all feature of Unlimited License + Copilot + Einstein AI + Data Cloud + Slack.

Einstein 1 license costs 500 USD user/month at moment.

Commerce Cloud, Marketing Cloud & Tableau will also have a Copilot assistant in near future as planned by Salesforce.

Note: Service Cloud users can also use Generative AI feature as an add-on for 70USD user/month on top of your Enterprise/Unlimited licenses which is based on generative credits (usage based). Not sure if this provides all of the Copilot features. But if it does then its a good starting point while planning, exploring or procurement stage of your Copilot journey.

View official Salesforce demo videos HERE


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