How to update custom labels of managed packages in Salesforce?

The problem statement.

Normally you can go to the custom label and update the value mapping by editing the record directly. But, here is a different case. You recently installed an Appexchange package and their customisations support use of custom labels. However, when you go to edit value field, its disabled. Worry not, we will look at how to get around with it in this article.

Changing managed package custom labels require Translation Workbench in your org instance.

Follow these steps:

  1. Search for ‘Translation Language Settings‘ in Setup area.
  2. Enable translations in your org.
  3. Don’t worry about other settings around this, translation feature have a bigger use case of translating the user interface in various languages.
  4. From Setup area, go to ‘Custom Labels‘ and find the label you want to update.
  5. Clicking on the target label, you will see a related list at bottom of the page called ‘Local Translations / Overrides‘.
  6. Click add ‘New Local Translations / Overrides‘ button. If you are not using multiple-languages, go with default options and just provide a new Value for the target custom label’s Translation Text field. In case you are using multiple languages in your Org, you will have to provide the values accordingly for each respective language or it will use Master Label text.

Your custom label is successfully updated. Have a nice day!


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