Process navigator

What is Process Navigator?

Its a lightning component to help you navigate your Lightning Dynamic Pages in a more semantic way. It helps:

  • Easily navigate your Dynamic forms using 1 click.
  • Build business process oriented user experiences.


  • Target Picklist field that defines the process. These values will be rendered as Process Navigation Buttons in sequence/order of Picklist values configured.
  • For each picklist value (state) of target Picklist field, respective formula (checkbox) field OR checkbox field that will convey correctness of that particular stage validations.
  • Make sure all fields mentioned are accessible. For same, its recommended to use formula fields than checkbox fields that are visible to all users. Further you can make use of this formula fields in Validation Rules which makes them modular/easy to manage.
  • Make a valid JSON string of picklistValue –> checkboxField value mappings. Demonstration of same is shown in the setup video below.
  • Ensure validations rules (if any) aligns with your business process. For example: If an instance of the component is made visible for a particular record type, make sure the validation rule (or enclosing formula fields) respect the same logic for integrity and data quality purpose.
  • A process title (Optional, Default: ‘Business Process’)

With a good understanding, you can use this component ALMOST on all of your Lightning Record Pages and make your businesses process clear and fast to execute for everyone. You can also make complex combinations of this component with dynamic visibility and lightning pages as per record types/conditions/business processes using lightning app builder. Below is a demonstration of very simple School Admission Application process:


Get process navigator component here.