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Empathy app is now feedback center app

The earlier version of this app was called Empathy app which provided a way for users to convey their emotions at work using ‘Empathy‘ global action. Feedback center opens up the same process for any feedback question, keeping Empathy as the default use case using the ‘Send Feedback‘ global action.

Important components

Feedback Center App: This app is made for admins who need to monitor, review and action upon the feedbacks on a daily basis. This has a four tabs: Feedbacks, Reports, Dashboard and Chatter.

Feedbacks tab lists the feedback responses submitted by users.

In reports and dashboard tabs you see one folder called as ‘Feedback Center’ which has one default report and dashboard included for your to use directly or customise as per your needs.

Send Feedback‘ global action – This global action is the core component which allows uses to quickly open the feedback submission UI, write some brief text response to the feedback question and submit using a response type/emojis that relates closely to the response.

Feedback User Details‘ flow: This flow captures some significant user field like Department, Manager and Title on during Feedback record submission such that it can lead to some important insights like for eg: Under which department/title/manager was employee A more happy in context of the default feedback question provided.

Feedback Center package also provides you with two custom labels namely: ‘FeedbackQuestion‘ and ‘FeedbackPlaceholder‘. Using them, you can replace the default feedback question and input placeholder text as per your needs.
Note: Doing this requires enabling Translation feature in Salesforce. You can learn about it HERE.

If you want to change the question, you might also need different emoji options for feedback responses. For same head up to Setup > Objects > Feedback Object > Fields > Type field & add/update/delete the available feedback response types as per your need in the picklist field values section.

Permission sets:

  1. Feedback Admins: This permission set is for admin/business users who want to monitor/report on all feedbacks within the organisation.
  2. Feedback Users: This permission set provides the Feedback creation capabilities to users.

What kind of insights can I generate using this app:

A few possibilities, just to help you brainstorm:

  1. Understand what do your people think about recent policy changes.
  2. Understand how are your people feeling at work.
  3. Understand what technical challenges employees regularly face under a department, title or Manager.
  4. Understand what type of Coffee is most loved in your Organisation ☕️

Almost any kind of poll that you can raise with EMOJIS ❤️

Lets see this all in action:

Feedback center app demo

Get the app from here.


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