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  • Salesforce release process

    Its very important to keep a check on release cycles with cloud platforms like Salesforce. Salesforce provides you with three seasonal releases every year which are combination of enhancement, addition & retirement of features. These changes are usually based on feedbacks from customer and huge Salesforce community+ they always try to respect the changing industry…

  • Process navigator

    An easy way to navigate & streamline dynamic lightning page based business processes.

  • What is LWR, for real?

    Here is brief overview on LWR Today, I had the opportunity to delve deeper into LWR, conducting some swift experiments that yielded valuable insights worth sharing. This topic is of more significance to Salesforce Architects, Devs and Consultants, as the topic goes beyond scope of LWC. Let’s dive right in. Lightning Web Runtime (LWR), is…

  • Salesforce Enhanced CMS Workspaces

    CMS Content is a very important asset of any organisation to communicate well with your stake holders be it customers, prospects, partners, investors or employees. This article itself is an example of content. Below are some common types of contents: Salesforce CMS To manage contents (writing/creating drafts, planning calendar for publishing/un-publishing same) businesses IT systems…

  • What is OmniStudio?

    Using Coinbase API and Salesforce data in OmniStudio Flex Card

  • Feedback Center App

    Documentation of Feedback Center App